My intent in photography is based on my deep interest in spatial appearances, which query the existing state of mind by asking for transformations on social meaning, aging, utilization, occupancy and adoption of common spaces. Those spaces only sometimes called architecture.

Photography to me always was much more than a tool to research in the field of architecture: it is my method to study the relation between people and its use of space.

To uncover and expose the differences and characteristics of „settling in“ leads to a confrontation with our dreams and wishes about social coexistence and our own private needs. „Settling in“ can be a lot more than furnishing into a space: it also means to acquire in a situation, a community, a time, certain circumstances or a change of attitude.

The question, how people adopt space, how they exploit and modify its realities and settle in by furnishing their lives is also the story of a sustainable use of appropriate space.

My field of interest includes designed and planned spaces as much as „unplanned“, assembled or natural spaces. Sometimes it does not even make sense to distinguish the one from the other, while spaces often tell their stories by its appearance not by its concept.

Since I work in two disciplines: photography and architecture; I constantly work on syntheses, overlappings, intersections and common questions, rather than showing the „best glimpse“ of a building. My interest lies in the visible state of changes, in transformation of buildings, homes and rooms.

In my photography, reflections revolve around the way space is used by different people or by a community.

My work as a photographer has been established as an independent expression of my ideas and thoughts, although it has always been determined by architectonical influenced methods and vice versa.

untitled I C-Print 60 x 80 cm ©Kay Fingerle I 2020

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